When was the last time you saw an empty lot? Untouched. I can't remember. How about one of those grassy gaps between fenced off properties? You know the ones kids tumble through during the day, kicking up leaves, jumping in puddles, stamping on flowers and bees. Sneaking because they know its the appropriate place to... Continue Reading →


My Dictionary

I have a desk and although an image is impressed on the back of my eyelids, of what it was supposed to look like, I settle. Don't confuse this for a lack of love or enthusiasm. I spend every waking hour with my head turned down to a pen in my hand, a page in... Continue Reading →

Waiting for a Smoke

We stroll along the creek by the bridge out of town. It's full of pebbles and tiny fish fleeing from our shadows. I stray closer. My bare feet are licked by liquid. Outside your car you tell me I can walk home. You'll meet me on the porch. I'll see you leaning on the railings, or... Continue Reading →

I’m Taking Autumn with Me

There's something so satisfying in the way the vibrancy of autumn is covered by frosty whites. When I leave so will the reds, yellows and oranges. They'll be replaced with simplicity. Not sure if I see purity, or peace, or perhaps its the press of unbearable blankness like clean walls in a hospital, accompanied by the nauseating smell... Continue Reading →

Winds in Your Bones

Swollen an awful pink, the kind of disgusting colour your mother used to make you wear. These hands no longer belong to you. There but incapable. Acknowledge their dead weight; aching. You try take off your ring but it's enveloped, a part of this finger of this hand. Cover yourself with blankets, two layer, three... Continue Reading →

Day of the Cleanse

Some great cleanse of the world after weeks of abnormal heat. Its buildings and its streets, covered in caffeine and cigarette breath, gas and petrol perspiration. This stench needed to be clean, needed to be soaked in a city shower. We need this release.

Blinded by Devotion

The Sun God laughs as he hides behind clouds. Strobes of his essence and vibrancy reach out, illuminating the earth both physically and mentally. Disciples look up yellow sunflowers showing their devotion. All Hail the Sun God.

Our Solemn Duty

Always! That is such a dreadful word. It spoils life trying to make it s     t     r     e     t     c     h lasting forever. Film conveys a kind of spurious eternity viewing, self deceiving & indulging, attempting to mimic a mirage, attempting to mimic,... Continue Reading →


Your percipient roots grew right through my black tar pavement, leaving gaping chasms of thought on display. Listening is key you said. We slipped inside our untouched wounds, braving the core. Your branches unfurled too straight; snapping, we fell. Are we fractured? Precariously gripping at the cavernous walls of your volcanic heart, don’t let go.... Continue Reading →

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